My Background

I am a long time civic and political volunteer

I have spent most of my life engaging in local volunteer work. I am dedicated to serving the less fortunate. 

In 2016 I was a campaign volunteer for the Libertarian Party's Presidential ticket Gov. Gary Johnson for President and Gov. Bill Weld for Vice-President. 

Our work paid off and the Libertarian Party set a new record for itself, with 4,489,221 (3.28%) votes cast for Johnson/Weld. Our Party is growing at an exponential rate, and I am proud to be the Libertarian Party's nominee for Mayor of Meridian, MS!

I come prepared. As a former city employee I understand how to wade through bureaucracy

As a former city employee and with a degree in software engineering, I have witnessed first hand government waste and have the valuable knowledge of how to deal with bureaucracy, and restore Meridian to it's former glory.

As an engineer, when I see a problem I have to fix it.

I offer a viable alternative to the two party system that has proven itself useless

As the proud founder of the Libertarian Party of Lauderdale County, MS and it's first Chairman, I am a principled and honest alternative to both the Democratic and Republican Parties. 

If you feel that the documented corruption in both parties is not what America needs, be Libertarian with us! All County meetings are free and open to the public and it does not matter if you lean left or right, there is room for EVERYONE in the Libertarian Party.

So if you want to see positive change, please join our Facebook page and attend our meetings: Libertarian Party of Lauderdale County, MS

We always have a fun time and we try to put the "Party" in Libertarian Party.

Like and share my Facebook page

Please like and share my Facebook page and allow others to learn they have an option to the broken two party system: Mariner Durant for Mayor of Meridian, MS

I am honest, principled and have no conflicts of interests

Since I am not controlled by lobbyists, special interest groups or have any conflicts of interests, I will be YOUR Mayor. I will bring back your lost freedoms, lower taxes to the point of being unnoticeable, work to bring a living wage and end victimless "crimes".

As a third party candidate, I need your help

Despite the fact that 42% percent of Americans identify as independent, compared with 29% percent who say they are Democrats and 26% percent who say they are Republicans, third parties are ignored by the mainstream media and people are warned not to "waste their votes" on Libertarian candidates, and to pick one of the lesser of two evils. This line of thinking has lead the U.S to lose it's precious freedoms and has caused a political crisis. So I need your help in convincing your friends and family to break free from the two party dictatorship and vote Libertarian!